Taelnvel- a realm full of lost history and feuding city-states. After the events of some cataclysmic happening, the Gods created the world anew, molding the very soil to make it hospitable once again. At the edges of the known world, powerful Demons slumber, though how they came to be is unknown to mortalkind. Roughly 10,000 years have passed since the Beginning, leaving the Slumbering Demons themselves as the only living beings from that time. Because of this, all history from then has since become legend, with scholars madly chasing the mysteries of the past.

It is now year 172 of the Sword. Taelnvel has seen a ten year lasting peace since the defeat of the Lefiell Rebels, and the realm has prospered in this time. High King Daxiner Bannerwolf remains cloistered in his great castle as he has for roughly 30 years despite this, leaving the people wondering if he is even still alive. Many are uneasy in these times, fearing something dark is soon to come.

Ascendant Chronicles: Dusk Falling

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