A young half-Elf with a dark secret...


Race: Half-Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 150
Skin: Tanned
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue

A loner by nature, Kael is just as often seen alone as with his unwanted shadow, Eleth.

Though they appear blue, upon further inspection it can be seen that one of Kaels’ eyes are actually a shade of purple.


On the outskirts of the Egean Forest, a small party was traveling to find fertile soil for a new settlement; thinking the tales of murderous Elf skulking in the trees was no more than mere folksong fluff. They were proven wrong their first night of camp, when a lone Elven scout made a silent decent from the tree tops. After seeing the elf, the villagers drew their weapons, the Elf drew his and the details get a little fuzzy at this point, but the one truth that can be told is that the only survivor of the attack was a woman by the name of Acele. The evidence is the Half Elf boy the two would later come to bear in the events wake. Knowing he could not bring such an affront to the purity of the Elves back with him, and that she couldn’t risk staying near forest, were another Elf to stumble upon this atrocity, Acele moved to the city with her older sister Illia to raise the child where he may live a free life where he could be accepted. Thus, they made their new life in Agrand, with the baby boy who would be known as Kael.

Unfortunately, these dreams of a perfect life were no more than just that. Even as a child, Kael knew he wasn’t like the other kids, regardless of the pointy ears. Even the semi-common Teifling felt like a stranger to him, let alone the other normal human boys. His mother has never told him any stories of his father, and he still questions to this day what his race is and whether or not his mother really even is his real mom. All she would tell him is that he was “different” and “special.”

His only kinship for many years was “Drit” the imaginary friend who would help him do chores around the house, play with him in his room, and even make art with him to give to his mom. She always assumed it was just a childish phase, but it was hard not to take note how different Drit’s work always seemed to be…

A regular boy would play with his imaginary friend and toys til he was maybe 11 or 12 at the oldest, but Kael always took a little longer to get through his phases. While most kids were blossoming into the first stages of adulthood, chasing after that first lady of their eye, Kael was still rummaging through his toy chest. Mom did stop getting macaroni art from Drit, but she felt he might still be hanging around somewhere, Kael just stopped showing him around the house.

Around the age of 17 was when things started to get weird. Kael was working after hours at the College of Saint Agrand, mostly volunteer work with a meager wage attached to it to to try and help mom keep the house. He was walking the halls when he was suddenly stabbed in his left eye, or so he might as well have with how pain it wrought. Then the room started spinning, the laughter of the children outside brought his altered mind back to memories of childhood torment. He was filled with rage. The frustration built. He tore off into the nearest abandoned room to keep attention off himself and as soon as the door closed, his fury let loose. What was supposed to be just a traumatic mental breakdown turned into an inexplicable display of something entirely from a world Kael had never seen before, nor cared to visit. The room filled with what he could only describe as the lightning he had seen light the night sky a thousand times before, except this lighting was different. It had the glow of land clearest amethyst, and looked like someone had spilled water on it. It took no fool to realize whatever had transpired in that 4 seconds came directly from him, and he vowed to never speak of what he had saw to anyone. He left and stopped going after hours to the college the very next day, letting his good fortune of being in a momentarily abandoned hallway be a sign that this would forever and always be his own little secret.

Eleth wouldn’t have any of that though. I guess it’s easy to miss an orphan taking shelter under the roof of a classroom you stormed into and destroyed when your mind is in a drunken fury (and one of your eyes are about as useful as the toe that decided to try and take revenge against the table leg that you stubbed a different toe on no more than a week earlier). Since that day Eleth has refused to leave Kael alone. His mother, being an empathetic sort, feels like she (and by association, Kael) should be nice to the girl of no more than 12 with dead parents and no house. As much as Kael disagreed with his mother, there’s no argument against a claim like that. So the little “devil spawn” as Kael came to know her could easily be spotted sharing dinner with Kaels’ family, helping Acele around the house, and following Kael all around asking him questions about something that he made very apparent was not something to be discussed. This has been going on four years now…

After a brief stint of unemployment, recovering from exploding all over a college classroom, Kael eventually made his way to the Thirsty House, where he has spent the last few years employed as a dishwasher/busboy/anything else you don’t want to do in a pub, under the rule of Siovas and Vali. Siovas being an avid and public Elf-hater (for reasons unknown) forcing Kael to wear an arming cap during any and all shifts. Elf or not, pointy ears are the Devils’ play things.


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