Sentient Races

The known Mortal Races of Taelnvel-

Humans, common throughout all the lands, humans survive in many forms of climate, typically as goods traders or producers, though soldiers and mercenaries are not unheard of. A short-lived race by comparison to most, humans are often seen as brash and overly ambitious by the elder races.

Dwarves, master craftsman and poets hailing from the Stonehalls of Vaergydn, Dwarves are great in number both inside and out of their homeland. Dwarf women typically stay within the Stonehalls, though some join the travelling men as sellswords and wandering skalds. Dwarves stand just slightly shorter than an average human, with broader shoulders and heartier fortitude, living for a few hundred years. Only called Dwarf by outsiders, the proper term is Vaerg, meaning children of Vaer, their god of earth and stone.

Oreads, a people native to the tropical island of Tarengar. Oreads are a race of people descended from the Golem Masters, appearing as humans with slight physical differences such as gem-colored eyes or stone colored skin. Those whom have never met an Oread often believe them to be made of living stone, but this rumor is false, like so many others.

Planestouched is a wide array of many races, applying to Tiefling as well as a few other races not yet openly discovered by the party. These races have a distant ancestor from another Plane, be it a Demon, Fiend, or perhaps another Otherworlder Race the party has yet to discover.

Orckind, a typically savage and brutal race. Orcs are often raiders or tribal nomads, and fiercely believe that only the strong shall survive. Rarely orcs leave their society and live in human settlements for various reasons, though they almost always are feared and misunderstood. Standing at over six feet on average with green to grey skin, Orcs have wide shoulders, large hands and strong jaws. Males typically have small tusks while females typically do not, though both have small fangs as well.

Elves, almost always incredibly territorial and will kill any intruders in their forests on sight. Very rarely will an elf leave their forest, as the penalty for doing so is death. It is theorized that Elves who stay in their forest have the gift of immortality. Elves are tall and thin, standing at six feet on average. Various clans have different features, with seemingly as much variety as humans.

Volucris, a bird-like race of scholars, craftsmen and scoundrels. Volucris have no known homeland and are almost exclusively found in dense population centers. Seen by many as a scourge of pests, Volucris are in fact a surprisingly diverse race, having a knack for wits and guile. Volucris have hard scaled arms and legs that end in taloned hands and feet, as well as feathered bodies and a bird-like head. Many Volucris resemble common birds such as gulls, hawks or owls, and their resemblance is often a point of pride or shame in their society, depending.

Sentient Races

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